McMiller Entertainment is the laugh and soul of the party with its range of ridiculously hilarious games that’ll have the whole family laughing within minutes.

It’s Bananas! is the smash-hit party game that gets your friends and family howling from your first squat to your last whack of a coconut. Split into two teams, strap on your monkey tail, warm up those thighs and get ready to compete in a series of silly monkey challenges! Whoever collects the most bananas wins! Easy … or is it?

Gameplay is super simple to follow – perfect for monkeys with short attention spans – but hard to master, making it the perfect addition to any game collection.

Ideal for any get-together, It’s Bananas! is for two or more players so is great for groups of friends and family, plus it spans the generations – the challenges are tricky enough for both grown-ups and kids alike so no need to hold back and let the little ones win! RRP £21.99, ages 6+.

UpRoar! is the speedy and hugely hilarious card game where mooing like an angry cow can win you the game! Spot the only matching pair of words between two cards, and be the first to sound out the answer.

Bring on your WAA WAA cry baby, your WHOOSH BANG firework, your OOO OOO laughing monkey – but be quick to secure the win. With zero tactics required, literally anyone who can read and make noises can play! What’s more, being pocket-sized means Uproar! is the perfect packable party game that can go anywhere! RRP £11.99, ages 8+.

Game For Fame is the board game that mocks and celebrates all things celebrity as you claw your way to the dizzying heights of fame and fortune. Players start as penniless nobodies, and at the end of the game, the wealthiest celeb wins! How do you become the wealthiest celeb? Through a series of bizarre ‘auditions’ (no real talent required!). Can you land a dog food commercial by talking with your tongue out, or book an underwater musical by gargling different songs?

But watch out for bad press, botched botox, and avoid rehab if you plan on being the next big Super Celeb. Forget your friends, ditch your family, be a star! Winner takes all. RRP £21.99, ages 12+.

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What is the name of McMiller’s celebrity board game?

A. Pap Me Now

B. Game For Fame

C. I’m a Celebrity

Closing Date : 21st October 2021

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