The new musical project from Pop Will Eat Itself & Gaye Bykers  On Acid frontman, Mary Byker, and Apollo 440 founder-member,  Magazine guitarist & long-time collaborator, NokoThe soundscape is wide-screen retro-cinematic. The mood is distinctly glass-half-empty, with songs lamenting the failure of technology to save us from ourselvesFor the first time, Mary sings over a lush David Lynchian laptop orchestra, replete with the sweet vocal harmonies and the sumptuous twang of Noko’s vintage Gretsch ‘White Falcon’, buried deep in a canyon of spring reverb. Like you’ve never quite heard them before…

Am I Dead Yet

Am I Dead Yet

Recommended are ‘Leaving Me Behind’; ‘Futuristic Paranoia’; ’Solid Gone’; ’Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth’; ‘People Are Dangerous’ & ’Thanks For Sharing’. Although they’re all winners. Like you’ve never quite heard them before…

Last century, Mary joined Noko’s band, Apollo 440, as frontman and they went chart-bound with, amongst others, their genre-busting, ‘Ain’t Talkin' ’bout Dub’. Their collaboration, ‘Stop The Rock’, hit world-wide and nearly 20 years after its release, the film and advertising synchronisations show no sign of slowing down. The track recently  flew into a stadium near you on Budweiser’s global FIFA World Cup commercial.  To date over 50 Apollo 440 tracks have appeared in Hollywood film & TV blockbusters (‘Gone In 60 Seconds’, ‘Driven, ‘Resident Evil’, ‘The Sopranos’ etc), and the band were also commissioned to record the themes for the ‘Lost In Space’ & ‘Charlie’s Angels 2000’ movies, and the mega-selling video games, ‘Gran Turismo’, ’FIFA 2000’, ’Forza Motorsport’ & ’Spider Man’, alike.

A finer musical pedigree you simply could not have. Sample the album here: 

For your chance to win- just answer the following question: What is the name of the new album?

A: Am I Dead Yet?

B: Am I Hungry yet?

C: Am I Tired Yet?

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